The 18+1 top beaches in Ios island

The 18+1 top beaches in Ios island

This dream island invites you to get lost in “embraces” of endless blue, party all day long in cheerful beaches and enjoy your loneliness in secret shores. With over 30 magical beaches, Ios challenges you to discover your personal Eden.


Undoubtedly it’s the star of Ios and one of the most known shores of Aegean, famous for being a hippies meeting point since the 70s. Around 3km in the south of Chora, cosmopolitan Mylopotas beach “prevails” in a coast 1km long, with golden sands and turquoise waters. Fully organized, with perfect amenities, luxurious hotels, rooms to let, restaurants and beach bars, it joins visitors of all ages, but most of all, young people from all over the world. Being the base of all day fun, in its daily agenda you will find beach parties, happenings, loud music, laughter, non-stop fun as well as plenty of water sports. Sports fans will try water ski, wake boarding, windsurfing, kayak, extreme tube rides, diving and scuba diving. In Mylopotas, you will also find the world known Far Out Beach Bar, the most famous and perfectly organized camping in the Cyclades. You will get to Mylopotas by car (either bus either your own vehicle) or on foot, by following the path which begins from Chora.


A location coming out from a movie, great portions of exotic ambience, sea in the colors of aquamarine and the amazing sensation that you are left alone on earth… A courtesy of nature, in the south of Ios. Due to its distance from Chora (23km, so it takes a 60’ min drive to get there), Manganari isn’t crowded thus keeping its low profile. Still, there is a part of the coast is organized with sunshades, sunbeds and restaurants as well as sea hiding places for isolation and relaxation. As for the landscape? The large double beach, with the three smaller idyllic inlets is covered by fine golden sand which is united with the shallow, warm waters. Besides, it’s this insuperable natural beauty that persuaded Luc Besson to film here some of the scenes of the “Big Blue” spreading the reputation of Ios all over the world. You will get to Manganari by boat.


The nearest beach to Chora, ideal for those who move around on foot. Despite of being set next to the harbor, the sea is crystal clear and shallow, perfect for families with children. At the white beach, you will find sunshades, sunbeds, beach bars, restaurants and water sports.


In fact they are two “blonds”, on the road to the church of Aghia Theodoti, 17km away from Chora. The setting includes a virgin sandy beach, rocks and transparent waters with deep blue colors. Strong winds which blow here, “generate” furious waves, ideal for windsurfing.

Aghia Theodoti

10km away from Chora, in the northeast, there is an extended golden beach which looks to Irakleia and is adored by the etesian winds. A part is equipped with sunshades and sunbeds. It’s worth visiting the homonymous chapel of the 16th century.


The asphalt road that passes in front of Gialos beach leads to the Blue Flag awarded beach, Koumbara. Sandy, organized, with accommodation options, stores and beach bars, Koumbara has its own fan club. The lucky ones will stay till late in the afternoon so as to gaze at the spectacular sun diving into the infinity of the Aegean Sea, just behind of Diakofto islet. The dreamy sunset lounge bar with the panoramic view, is one more ideal spot for you to enjoy the sunset in Ios.


A tiny, quiet and family paradise just a few meters from Gialos which combines fine sand with rounded pebble and the clean and refreshing waters.


In the eastern part, 16km away from Gialos, it is the point of reference for all loners. Peaceful, not organized and with really golden sands in its bigger part, Kalamos is ideal for those who seek relaxation and calmness as well as the diving fans. In the area of Kalamos, you will also find the monastery of Aghios Ioannis of the 19th century.

Treis Klisies

A wind-free inlet, in the southeastern edge of Ios. If the endless blue in Manganari is not enough for you, you should drive to the Treis Klisies beach, up to the end of the dirt road, then have a 10’-15’min walk to the not so accessible path and reach the wind-free inlet which seems embraced by rocky hills. In fact, they are two sugary sands, in front of an indulging blue-green sea. The beach is ideal for nudists and loners.


It may steal some of the glory of Mylopotas, thanks to a landscape that looks like been painted by God, full of hillocks that go down to the sandy beach and really blue sea. The inlet attracts nudists and lonely travelers.

Pikri Nero

You will get to this tropical bay with the three lacy shores by boat or yacht from Gialos (SW of Ios). You will love this beach for its calmness, shallow waters, fine pebble and zen ambience.


The path that begins behind the chapel of Aghia Irini, in the right edge of the harbor, leads to a doll, closed bay which flirts with all shades of blue. In Valmas there is also a small tavern for traditional delights from Ios.


So close to Manganari, yet you have to reach it by boat or sea taxi. A pile of rock divides it in two smaller virgin sands, ideal for relaxation in a true paradise surrounded by low hills. Seabed is crystal clear but it can get rocky at some points.


An alternative suggestion for those who love fine pebble. In the north of Ios, Neraki is reached through a path that begins from Aghia Theodoti or by boat. The rich seabed attracts plenty of spear gun as well as snorkeling fans.


Solitary and isolated beach is found at the homonymous cape, 7km away from Chora. The totally green enchanting waters, the white sand and the absolute serenity compose the setting of a sea Eden. Don’t forget to bring with you water and food supplies.


Another isolated beach, 16km away from Chora. It won’t be easy to get here (from Kalamos, you will have a 2.5km drive in a harsh dirt road), but the golden sandy inlet, hidden at the wild rocky landscape, will recompense your effort.


The most northern beach in Ios, 13km away from Chora. The strong winds which prevail in the area as well as the pebbles at the seabed are the main features. Homer’s tomb is thought to be set over Plakoto.


In short distance from Mylopotas, there is a solitary, emerald shore right across Prasonisi (famous fishing ground). If you wish to swim here, you will have to get by boat.


Surrounded by private lands that don’t allow access. However, you may reach this beautiful, leeward anchorage in the south of Kalamos by boat.