The Mill of Elves, the Christmas miracle of Trikala!

The Mill of Elves, the Christmas miracle of Trikala!

For the 9th time in a row, the city of Trikala decks the halls and transforms into the Greek capital of Christmas, inviting people of every age to the Mill of the Elves, the greatest Christmas Park in Greece.

Matsopoulos Mill, an industrial conglomerate of flour mills way ahead of its time (1884) and now a great monument of cultural heritage of Trikala city, every year –since 2011– transforms into the greatest and most magnificent Christmas theme park of Greece.

This year, the Christmas Kingdom in Trikala is a tribute to The Nutcracker, the famous fairy tale of the German author E.T.A. Hoffmann, which inspired Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for his splendid namesake two-act music composition for ballet, a milestone in the history of classic dance.

In a vast area of 38,000 square feet of Matsopoulos Mill, the old smokestacks become the dreamy background of the beloved Christmas fairytale for people of every age. Kingdoms, elves, fairies, toys, presents, delicacies, fairytales, wagons bursting with sweets, houses made of chocolate and, of course, Santa Claus himself wait for children and everyone who remains a child at heart. The park hosts free awesome activities and unique workshops, as well as activities at very affordable prices.

Here are only some of the must-see attractions in the Mill of the Elves:

The Ice Kingdom

This is the greatest kingdom in the Mille of the Elves, and the… Headquarters of Santa Claus. The favorite saint of children –and not only– waits each and every one of you at the cozy corner he has created, next to the lit fireplace, to listen to your wishes and make them true. Get a taste of Lapland, Christmas and snowflakes, discovering the great frozen castle, the fairy and elven forest, and Santa Claus’s home.

The Kingdom of the Sweets…

…is every sweet tooth’s dream! This large building of the Mill of the Elves with the bright red ribbon carries the fragrance of chocolate and caramel, with candy brick walls and biscuit made windows! Right behind the chocolate waterfall lies the palace of Sugarplum Fairy, who sits on a lollipop throne fiddling with her pink bubble gum hair.

The Chocolate Factory

In the mesmerizing chocolate factory of the elves, chocolate lava flows in abundance, waiting for you to indulge! Create your own chocolate sweets and taste them with your loved ones!

The Kingdom of Toys

In a world full of puppets and toys, where the Nutcracker was made, you will meet toymakers who will paint the faces of children with their magic colors and you will see the big music box. Wind it and watch the Ballerina of Toys dancing only for you!

The Flower Kingdom

In the land of ever blossoming flowers, you will discover a colorful, fragrant world of gardens in full bloom, florets of all seasons, bees buzzing around enthralling buds, and a flower maze leading to Queen Rosa’s palace.

The Mushroom Museum

In the Mushroom Museum, Alice in Wonderland comes to life. Here you will see the White Rabbit, Dodo, the March Hare, the Queen and the Knave of Hearts, as well as plenty of mushrooms! You will learn which ones protect us from diseases, you will see various animals, you will draw and paint and you will leave with many mushroom gifts and mushroom delicacies!

Playmobil Crystal Palace

In the Mill of the Elves you will also find Playmobil, the favorite toys of children. These small smiling figurines, dressed as pirates, knights, cyclists etc enjoy their own magical palace, exciting both small and… older children!


This year, in the Mill of the Elves you will find the awesome FunPark, with amusement rides such as Carousel, Roller Coaster, Ferris wheel and kiddie rides for endless moments of joy, fun and countless children smiles.


The park also hosts a Christmas Market with dozens of decorated wooden houses, full of Christmas gifts and treats. During your visit at the enchanting Mill of the Elves, you will find the Wishing Well. Make your wish and believe it will come true!

Live the Christmas miracle in the Mill of the Elves, at Trikala! Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 until 6 January 2020.