Traditional products of Mykonos

Traditional products of Mykonos

Louza, kopanisti and amigdalota is the flavorful deli trio from Mykonos awing our palates!

Louza, prosciutto the Mykonian way

Thanks to its sharp taste, fine flavor and rosy pink meat, louza raises the bar of deliciousness to new heights. This top notch traditional deli meat is made in Mykonos a few weeks before Christmas, as part of the rural custom of “Slaughtering of the Pigs”. Although we find different versions of louza produced in Andros, Syros and Tinos, Mykonos is its indubitable (is)land of origin. This exquisite treat is made with local, slightly fat-marbled pork meat (sirloin), left in a mixture of coarse and fine salt for approximately 24 hours. Then, it is rinsed and seasoned with pepper, wild savory and other spices. After it is inserted in matia, a part of pork intestine, it is dipped in pickling brine. The process is complete with the hanging of this aromatic deli meat to dry for at least 20 days. When louza has absorbed all the flavorings and adequate moisture, it is ready to get from farm to fork! Tasty tip: Use louza to garnish a fresh green salad.


Kopanisti, as piquant as it gets!

Spicy, stimulating and particularly mouthwatering, Kopanisti rides in waves across every palate. This soft cheese, which is officially certified as a product of Protected Designations of Origin, is made by local producers with fresh goat or sheep milk and curdles with rennet (yeast). This favorite spicy ingredient is enjoying a boom in popularity and chefs use it very often, in order to add Cycladic flair to their signature dishes. Tasty tip: You can tone down the intensity of Kopanisti by mixing it with white cheese.


Amygdalota, macaroons of the Aegean

At their sight, memories of celebrations, parties and smiling faces come to mind… Of course, we talk about amygdalota, the traditional island almond macaroons that people of Mykonos —and not only— offer as treats on happy occasions. Their sugar dusted appearance lets your thoughts wander to the Cycladic white, their tender almond texture takes you to the seventh heaven of delight while their opulent taste proves the greatness of simple and pure ingredients such as ground almond kernel, butter, scented flower water, egg whites and sugar. You don’t have to wait for an engagement party or a christening to taste amygdalota; you can find them in every pastry shop of Mykonos. Tasty tip: Enjoy them with a shot of espresso.