Tinos Festival 2019

Tinos Festival 2019


Art director: Themis Rodamitis

  1. Concert:Georgia Velivasaki

The Sea Within Me

14/7 – Xinara


  1. Universal Halepas, with Aspasia Papadoperraki

Recital: DuoCrama. Mirka Lambropoulou: acoustic guitar

Elsa Papeli: cello

19/7 – Falatados School



  1. 3. Recital:Valentina Pätzold, violin and Fiona Fortin, piano

Sunday 21/7



  1. Maryll Abbas trio

Joris Viquesne, guitar

Benoît Josse, violin

Maryll Abbas, accordion Narration from Jacques Lacarrière’s L’été grec (Greek Summer), prior to the performance.

24/7 – Triantaros School


  1. Concert: Kostis Maraveyas

25/7 – Loutra

  1. Children theater performance: The Boy who dared

A co-production of Municipal and Regional Theeater of Roumeli and Ergostasio Onirou (Dream Factory) Friday 26/7 – Loutra


  1. Concert: Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Organized by the “Friends of Tinos” Society

27/7 – Loutra


  1. Skalkotas and Papadiamantis among the “ruins”with Aris Retsos

29/7 – Perastra


  1. The unfounded statue” 

“found the artist… inside a basement”

Words and gestures of Yannoulis Halepas, with Aris Retsos.

30/7 – Pyrgos


  1. Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis

Beyond Crete

31/7 – Loutra


  1. Concert: Thanassis Polykandriotis

The Great Music Duos



  1. Musk-trees and jasmines – Let’s remember the old days


Actors: Fotinopoulou, Sigalos, Maropoulos, Kourenti

Dancers: Koroutis, Noti, Palamari, Yanis, Palaska, Malakos

Director: G. Kiriakis, Script: V. Stabelou, Piano: D. Giakas

5/8 – Loutra


  1. Stefanos Korkolis – Sofia Manousaki Concert

We sing our poets

12/8 – Loutra


  1. Hatzidakis in Tinos

Stefanos Thomopoulos, piano – Dionissis Sourbis, vocals.

18/8 – Koumaros


  1. Children theater performance: Marisa the Donkey

Director: F. Spiros, Actors: G. Iliopoulos, R. Mihalopoulou

19/8 – Loutra


  1. Lavrentis Maheritsas – Nikos Portokaloglou Concert

20/8 – Loutra


  1. Violin recital: Petros Christidis

21/8  – Xinara church


  1. Theater performance: The Chairs του Ιονέσκο

Director: Jean-Paul Denison, Actors: Γ. Σταματίου, Ελ. Παπαχριστοπούλου

24/8 – Arnados School


  1. Why do we love detective novels? – Femmes Fatales and Jazz Police Inspectors
  2. Panoussis, H. Papadimitriou, Ch. Spiropoulou

St. Pelasgos, A. Papagianakopoulos (guitars), C. Sitokonstantinou (percussion), M. Kirma (dancing)

26/8 – Ysternia


  1. Odyssey and Tinos, Haris Koutelakis

– Tinian Fairytales of the Wind, Stelios Pelasgos

27/8 – Aetofolia


  1. Tribute: Thessaloniki and folkore

Readings – Workshops – Creative Writing – Concerts

Υπεύθυνοι: Kostas Kalimeris, Thomas Korovinis



  1. Motectum Vocal Ensemble

Secular and religious music from the Middle Ages until Baroque.

Meliou, Koutsoumani, Mantziou, Zakolikou, Evageliou, Adamopoulou, Tsalafouta, Andreadakis, Hiou, Zahilas, Metaxas.

Direc.: G. Vrizakis

31/8 – Xobourgo, Monastery of the Sacred Heart


  1. We all sing along –Aegean

Melidron Group

5/9 – Kardiani


  1. Music and songs from all over the world

Celtic harp – Elisa Vellia

6/9 – Ampelonas Tripotamou


  1. Yannoulis Halepas, the Legend of Modern Greek sculpture.

Book presentation, comics and live music.

7/9 – Municipal Nursery, Chora


  1. On the Rock: The Acropolis Interviews

Tinian marble artisans at the Acropolis

14/9 – 2nd Elementary School, Chora


  1. Argilos (Clay)

Poetic performance

The Bad Poetry Social Club

21/9 – Chora


  1. Interactive events

Aerialists, juggler, magicians


September 2019

1st Elementary School, Chora


  1. The Holocaust and the rescue of Greek Hebrews during 1941 – 1944. The contribution of Archbishop Damaskinos Papandreou.

Research: G. Katomeris


Sunday, October 27

Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Chora





– Photography, Denia Panagaki

Water is life. Fountains of Tinos

3/7 – 31/7 – Dio Choria


– Painting, Vali Kolotourou

Anything small and beautiful

20/7 – 10/8 – Ysternia School

– Painting, Katerina Christidi

On the top that was still taking its form

23/7 – 11/8 – Triantaros School


– Painting, “allotria” group exhibition

  1. Manoussakis, C. Katsatsidis, T. Missouras, A. Antonopoulos, P. Tanimanidis, Chr. Antonaropoulos.

Curator: M. Stefanidis

26/7 –  16/8 – Triantaros (Aspalathos)


– Photography, Kaiti Fouski

DELOS. Vernal and graceful. A place of remembrance, in the present

2/8 – 31/8 – Arnados School


– Painting, Manthos Gaitis. Sonata for an unexpected love. A tribute to Federico García Lorca.

8/8 –  22/8

Tenion Hotel, Chora


– Cartoons, Kostas and Vassilis Mitropoulos at the “Spiti tou Skitsou” (“House of Sketches”)

Falatados (throughout the summer)


– Sculpture, Argiris and Minas Maravelias

Ambeli Tripotamou (throughout the summer)


– Permanent exhibition of Babis Retzepopoulos’ works at Arnados School

Arnados School