Folklore Festivals in Syros

Folklore Festivals in Syros

A reason for villagers bonding and revival of their ancestors’ traditions are the celebrations at various Cycladic Islands. Today, folk festivals are an attraction and a summer experience, where each visitor eagerly await to attend.


Specifically, we gathered the most famous traditional “gathering” Syros island per settlement!


  • June, 29: Peter in Kini (Orthodox)

  • June, 30: Sacred Heart of Jesus in Galissas (Catholic)

  • July, 12: Benedict in St. Michael (Catholic)

  • July, 18: Agia Marina in Kini (Catholic)

  • July, 18: Virgin Mary of Mount Karmilou in Galissas (Catholic)

  • July, 20: Prophet Elijah in the Episcopeio (Orthodox)

  • July, 26: Agia Paraskevi in Alithini (Orthodox)

  • July, 27: Saint Panteleimon in Papouri (Catholic)

  • August, 2: Our Lady of Graces in Kini (Catholic)

  • August, 7: The Transfiguration in Agros (Catholic)

  • August, 7: Kyriacou (Tsirikou) in Danako (Catholic)

  • August, 9: George in Kampos (Catholic), in Apano Meria, Syros

  • August, 11: Remembrance of the Miracle Saint Spyridon in Chroussa (Orthodox)

  • August, 15: The Assumption in Galissas, Kini, Pagos, Episcopeio, Chalandriani (Catholic)

  • August, 17: Mamas in Galissas (Orthodox)

  • August, 23: John Evangelist in Platy Vouni (Catholic)

  • August, 29: John Baptist in Alithini (Orthodox)

  • September, 6: Nativity of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary of Candles) in Parakopi (Catholic)

  • September, 8: Nativity of the Theotokos in Chroussa and Pagos (Catholic), Virgin Mary Lwtiani and Virgin Mary Bouliani in Kini.

  • September, 9: Holy Cross in Parakopi, Alithini and Talanta (Catholic)

  • September, 24: Panagia Phaneromeni in Chroussa (Catholic)

  • October, 1: Saints Cosma & Damianou (AG. Anargyroi) at Ano Meria (Catholic)

  • October, 4: Saint Michali in Epano Meria (Catholic)

  • October, 8: Theresia in Danako (Catholic)