Secluded beaches in Syros for isolation!

Secluded beaches in Syros for isolation!

Five secret beaches in Syros for swimming away from the crowds

Armeos or Agia Pakou

Within walking distance of the Galissas beach, just 6 miles southwest of Ermoupolis, contemporary Robinson Crusoes discover their very own piece of paradise. Those seeking tranquility and isolation can walk down the path from Agia Pakou towards the small beach of Armeos, with its crystal blue waters, thick pebbles, golden sand and the hills rising around it, protecting it from the winds. As a secluded beach, it is also nudist-friendly. Apart from the easy path that starts from the chapel of Agia Pakou, you can also reach the beach of Armeos by boat.


Kokkina or Sousouni

A unique and secluded beach with crystal clear waters, sand and pebbles, trees and no cafes/lounges. The beach of Kokkina takes its name from the red rocks that encircle the coast, creating an idyllic and at the same time exotic scenery. It is about 1 mile away from the beach of Finikas. Before you set out for the Kokkina, make sure you have water and any necessary supplies.



A deserted beach in the northern part of Syros, ideal for isolation and meditation. It has always been a safe anchorage for sailors who found cover in the sheltered bay when the weather did not allow them to continue with their voyage. At that time, they scrawled prayers and gratitude letters to the smooth rocks of the beach – hence its name Grammata (letters), waiting for the weather to calm down so that they could safely go out into the Aegean Sea. Archaeologists place the inscriptions in the Classical times. If you are a fan of hiking, you will arrive at Grammata Beach in about an hour, following an easy path from Kampos to Ano Meria. Alternatively, you can catch a boat from Kini.



One of the northernmost beaches of Syros located in Aetos bay, with wild beauty, thick pebbles and views of the rocks of Grammata beach. The beach of Lia is accessible either by boat from Kini or by a path that starts from Kampos in Ano Meria (roughly a 50-min walking).


Gria Spilia or ‘The American’ beach

Gria Spilia, or ‘the American’ beach, owes much of its reputation and beauty to the American economist John Pearson, who planted hundreds of trees in a bare area of ​​800 acres in Ano Meria in the 1960s. The locals still refer to this green oasis in the northwestern part of Syros as the ‘American’, in honour of the man who changed the face of the area. Thanks to the natural shade of Pearson’s trees, Gria Spilia beach has become a favourite destination for free camping enthusiasts. To get there, you will follow the path that starts from Kampos in Ano Meria or you will board the boat that departs from Kini.