Diving in the best beaches of Paros

Diving in the best beaches of Paros

Beaches for fun and entertainment, youth or families, crowed or isolated, Beaufort or apnea; Paros has fantastic beaches for all tastes.

Kolympithres beach

Imagine of smooth granite rocks, among them golden sand which brightens in the sunlight, and huge natural sculptures carved by air and sea. Think of natural cavities eroded from salt full of sea water… this is the outstanding landscape in Kolympithres, the most famous organized beach in Paros, 5km in the west of Naoussa. The beach is divided in smaller inlets consisting of impressive rocky formations.

Chryssi Akti beach

No other name would provide a better definition for the enormous sandy beach which is spread all over the place like gold, in the SE of the island. The biggest and perhaps, the most beautiful coast in Paros has it all; flawless touristic facilities, amenities, lifeguard, water sports, a Blue Flag awarded sea and winds that favor sailing.

Nea Chryssi Akti (Tsardakia) beach

Being exposed to the winds has turned this beach into a windsurfers’ base while the equipped surf club has fans of its own. Awarded with Blue Flag, here you will find all facilities of an organized beach.

Punda beach

Found 26km SE of Parikia and known for being the meeting point of all young people who flood the beach bars and every inch of the golden sand. Improvised beach parties with loud music, plenty of drinking and dancing next to the waves may start in time interval dt. Water sports also found here.

Santa Maria beach

Popular suggestion for the young people, really close to Naoussa (2km). Main features of the beach are the water sports (diving, windsurf), vividness and fun beach bars. If you are not the party type, go for the Small Santa Maria, a beach with the same bright sands – peaceful sea.

Logaras beach

An awarded with Blue Flag beauty, found next to Piso Livadi. At the advantages, the plenty of accommodation, food and drinking options, the deep emerald sea and the bushy greenish tamarisks that reach the blond sand. Note that the sea bottom in Logaras is the paradise for any spear gun lover.

Parasporos beach

Young people and everyone who is in favor of the triptych beach bars – cocktails – fun, just a few minutes away from their base (2.5km away from Parikia), do love this beach. It’s known for the upbeat mood while there’s a strong flirting with the etesian winds during August. Part of the beach is not organized, destined to the low-profilers. The nearby beach of Delfini is even calmer.

Martselo beach

Protected by the wind attack, this cove is found in the northern side of Parikia (2.5km from Chora). The haven of Martselo constitutes the natural expansion of Krios and keeps the privilege of…being spacious. The “beach” concept here requires young people, restaurants and bars for summer cocktails and stuff, water shades of turquoise and sands as white as powder. What more could possibly one ask for?

Monastiri beach

The popular beach was named by the monastery of Aghios Ioannis of Detis, in the NW part of Naoussa bay (14km from Parikia). The cosmopolitan leeward cove with the shallow sea forms the paradise children and youngsters as there are beach bars and restaurants as well. Easily accessible by boat from Naoussa.

Krios beach

Sequence of shady tamarisks and soft sand that leads to clear blue shallow waters… this is Krios beach which reminds of a huge pool, ready to welcome kids and adults into the transparent waters. Organized with sunshades and sunbeds, it’s one of the most crowded beached in Paros. You will get there by car or boat from Parikia.

Dryos beach

It is not included among the organized beaches of the island, yet you will find cafes and seaside taverns. You will get to the SE part of the island so as to swim into the crystal-clear sea, walk on fine pebble and see the ancient tread design on the rocks, a sign that here was found the shelter for the boats against the winds, back in the ancient times.

Kalogeros beach

Revelation beach, close to Molos. The inlet comes up among the high clayey rocks which tower over the idyllic, wild landscape with the red sand. Do try the mud bath with clay from the rocks of the beach and you will feel revitalized and naturally pampered! Easily accessible by car from Marmara village.

Punda (Antiparos) beach

“Sports” coast, meeting point for the northern & southeastern winds, kite surfers and extreme water sports fans, 8.5km away from Parikia. In the area, you will also find a surf club and diving school. From Punda they also depart the ferries to the island of Antiparos (just 1nm away).

Aghia Irini beach

High palm trees which reach the waves, while their reflections on the emerald crystal waters as well as the golden sands offer a touch of tropical landscape at this part of Paros, 4km away from Parikia. Untouched by the touristic storm, in Aghia Irini you will find no sunshades or sunbeds.

Piso Livadi beach

Anchored yachts, shady tamarisks, shallow waters and seaside hangouts for coffee and food compose the setting of this picturesque harbor, in the west of Paros. The coast is not organized with sunshades or sunbeds.

Ambelas beach

A wonderful leeward sea world with green blue sea bottom and exceptional seaside taverns opens up in front of the same named fishing village, just a few kilometers away, in the east of Naoussa.

Alyki beach

Sandy option in the south, 10km away from Parikia but just a shot away from Santa Maria. Families seem to prefer this beach for the crystal waters and shady trees as well as the famous fish taverns.

Molos beach

Kefalos and Antikefalos hills surround the area of the ancient ceramics workshop and the protected from the winds cove of Molos, hiding a small oasis of relaxation, 17km away from Parikia. Blue waters, white pebble and sands. You must definitely have a meal in one of the seaside taverns with view to Naxos island.

Laggeri beach

A rather tiring path may be required, 1.5km away from Naoussa with direction to Santa Maria, however the secret cove with the exotic sand dunes, cedar trees and the pool waters will definitely worth the effort. The peaceful retreat with the white sand is accessible by boat from Naoussa. Bear in mind that there are also nudists’ spots here.

Faraggas beach

Three consecutive inlets constitute the beloved cosmopolitan Faraggas beach. Just one visit is enough to fall for the golden sand, the crystal-clear sea bottom, the exemplary facilities (sunshades, sunbeds) and the youthful beach bar.

Aghioi Anargyroi beach

Just 200m from Naoussa, it is a beloved destination for families. Loyal to the beach pattern of Paros, here you’ll find fine sands, a few sea trees, sunshades and sunbeds.

Piperi beach

A strong value for the locals and really popular to families based in Naoussa. Apart from proximity to this picturesque harbor (you can get to Piperi even on foot), at the assets of the sandy coast, you may add the clear blue waters, protection from winds, local fish taverns which are known for their fresh fish. If you look for a quieter place, go for the inlet of Mikro Piperi, just before the main beach.

Livadia beach

There where the seaside road of Parikia ends, the popular family resort begins. “Covered” all over by sand, with a shallow green blue sea bottom and all necessary amenities – sunbeds, sunshades, showers – this beach attracts those who don’t like to move around.