Mykonos, the nightlife heaven

Mykonos, the nightlife heaven

Mykonos is an island with rhythm, intensity and pulse. It triumphs in the light, but also in the dark. And it is true that they say about Mykonos: you will either love it or hate it. The day worships its treasures and bathes the island generously in light. The night the scenery changes: Mykonos has been a leading nightlife force for decades, revealing to its visitors all the secrets of Mykonian entertainment.



Wandering the streets of Mykonos at night is a pure delight, especially when they lead you to Little Venice. The bay of Alefkandra with the old captain’s houses is an ideal background for an unprecedented entertainment experience on the island. Here everything starts with a colorful cocktail. The built-in seats in Semeli the bar will lead you to the dusk. Feel enchanted by the sunset and refreshed by the breeze. Just next door, Galleraki a magnificent view, Katerinakia (its renowned cocktail) and international music. On the other side you visit Bao’s, with a very friendly atmosphere, casual chic look and glamorous attendees, is awaits you for specialty drinks and bold cocktails. Just above the famous cocktail bar, a surprise awaits you for yet another summer. ‘Secret of Bao’s’ is the new disco house club in Chora, which has already become the talk of the town with its eccentric shows, amazing costumes and outstanding singers (the Greek band ‘The Starlets’). Remaining in the area of Little Venice, you ought to you know that the VIP Club Toy Room has landed in Mykonos from London, with international dj sets, while ‘Mykonos Bar’ offers an authentic Greek entertainment experience with dancing up to the early morning hours, the most famous Greek hits and live events with many Greeks singers.



In the area of Barkia, Skandinavian has remained in the service of Mykonian nightlife since 1978! Every night, it gathers its fans in the raised patio and VIP areas, thanks to the wide variety of cocktails, famous DJs and friendly service. Later in the evening the whole town of Chora becomes the point to socialize. The timeless Aroma offers a privileged view of the cobbled streets, awesome drinks and celebrity watching. A little farther, you are drawn to Tria Pigadia area (Three wells) and the bar Queen. With royal aficionados, a cosmopolitan air, quality service, a wide range of champagne and an interesting list of cocktails, the famous champagne & cocktail bar becomes a sophisticated entertainment choice from its strategic point. Moving towards Mitropoleos Street, you’ll find the super designforward Alley and order exotic cocktails and dance to the best summer hits.



Outside Chora and just 650ft from Fabrica in Despotica, a green open air sunset cocktail bar opens its gates, offering one of the most beautiful locations on the island for gazing, relaxing and fine drinking with a background of mykonian sunset and Aegean sea. The Garden is the ultimate seaview lounge spot to enjoy the inspired signature cocktails and the sunset tracks of the top Greek dj George Siras. Your evening MUST end at Paradise Beach. You have to see the dawn from the legendary Cavo Paradiso on the edge of the rock. It is one of the best clubs in the world and a visit here, in order to see the dawn while dancing next to the huge swimming pool, watching and listening to the most famous music producers of the world, is an unforgettable life experience.