Picturesque Villages in Paros

Picturesque Villages in Paros


The most mountainous beauty of Paros comes to enhance the visitor’s impressions on the island. The leafy views combined with the traditional architecture of the region cannot leave him unmoved. One of the most famous traditional cafes is located in the central square, next to the Folk Museum, with amphitheatric tables, and will relax the traveler with the region’s local frozen Souma and homemade delicacies.


A place with unique Cycladic charm, amphitheatrically structured and ready to transfer the folklore thesaurus and the history of the area in each guest. In August around the 24th -26th all weekend, experiential, cultural festival “Routes in Marpissa”, with the central idea of the creation of thematic routes and points of interest within the traditional settlement of Marpissa. The Festival is formed depending on the central idea, that every year is different, with the result that each Festival is unique, while the entrance to all events is free.


Shortly before the airport, a stopover in Aliki, comes to enchant traveler with flavors from the rich seabed of the island, one of the most famous fishing villages with numerous traditional ouzeri ready to amaze him. Known to all armyrikia trees, over a great dining option is a noteworthy element in the area.


It distinguishes for its traditional cycladic architecture of its houses, but also for the amazing whitewashed alleys. The valley of Maramara is filled with small gardens, beautiful churches and the famous cheese factory of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Paros, where the famous graviera cheese of Paros is being produced.