Volcanic Secrets for Santorini

Volcanic Secrets for Santorini

1. Ifaistia Festival – Realistic Representation of Volcanic Explosion Every year around mid-August the municipality of Santorini organizes a dramatically realistic representation event of volcanic explosion with fireworks and sounds, traditional dancing, costumes, music concerts, local food and more. It is a unique phantasmagorical night, offered exclusively by the hospitable people of Santorini celebrating those at first unpleasant events of volcanic explosions that resulted eventually at the formation of one of the most unique places on earth.

2. Blue Terraces – Revelation The most photoshooted blue terraces in Santorini island which give the impression that the whole island is big cause of them, in fact, there are only three (3). The majority of photographs are based in different angles of these 3 terraces. The best blue terraces are in Oia.

3. Santorini’s Tastes. Visitors must taste some of the local products of the island such as, cherry tomatoes, fava bean salad, tomato patties, white aubergines, fresh cheese and locally grown cucumbers.

4. Kameni island is not the official active volcano of Santorini. The active crater of the volcano is in fact located in the seafloor of Aegean Sea and is named Kolumbo. The registered activity files go back to the 17th century, when locals named it “The time of Evil”, because many have died from poisonous gases coming from the volcano. Santorini’s volcano is one of the four active volcanoes, followed by the ones in Methana, Nisyros and Milos.

5. Santorini’s caldera is the only one in the world which is inhabited. One of the most unique regions in the world is Santorini’s caldera, where rock-hewn buildings are still in place.

6. Suez Canal is built with Santorini’s soil. Santorini’s main export product is its soil. About 2.000.000 tons soil every year is being exported for construction materials. Suez Canal is built by Santorini’s soil.

7. Kamari resort was being created to host earthquake victims. In 1965 a great earthquake took place in Santorini island and many villages were destroyed. In order to host all the earthquake’s victims in a safe place, the villagers decided that Kamari was the best location for them.