Anafiotika, a village in the center of Athens

Anafiotika, a village in the center of Athens

An island within the hectic city of Athens.

Anafiotika is the dreamy district which was developed in the NE side of the Acropolis rock, neighboring the touristic Plaka. Once you go up to the uphill part of Plaka, it’s a sure thing you won’t expect what you will find; white-washed houses, basil, jasmine and bougainvillea among rocks and labyrinthine alleys which look like postcard photos, do worthily remind of the Cyclades. In the mid-19th century, famous craftsmen from Anafi island came to Athens in order to rebuild the city as well as the palace of the first king of Greece, Otto.

Due to homesickness, insight or need, the island builders constructed the first houses based on Cycladic architecture and with respect to the unique grounds and history of the area. Thanks to these first founders who illegally yet with the authorities’ allowance founded in 1830 the perched-like district at the ancient hill, we can today boast about one of the most charming locations in Athens.

In the 50’s, part of Anafiotika was torn down while later on, extended expropriations were carried out by the Ministry of Culture.

Today, some 45 listed buildings have remained.