Top 10 Santorini Wineries

Top 10 Santorini Wineries

The doors of visitable wineries in Santorini open for a unique tour in the world of wine and an acquaintance with the Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano varieties, of the ancient volcanic vineyard. Indulge in wine tasting, take part in the production process and live the ultimate enotourism experience at the following wineries:


Santo Wines

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives Santo Wines was founded in 1947 and now is considered one of the most dynamic cooperatives, 1200 members strong. The winery with the greatest capacity and wine production volume in Santorini is located in Pyrgos, offering magnificent views of the Caldera. While enjoying its award-winning wines, you will also have the chance to watch videos regarding the vineyard, the wines and the winemaking tradition in Santorini. Santo Wines also has a shop selling wines and local products.

Tel: +30 22860 22596



Domaine Sigalas

This wine journey begins in 1991 from the canava (old winery) of Sigalas family at the ancient plain of Oia, in Baxedes. Almost 300,000 bottles of wine are produced every year in the modern facilities of Domaine Sigalas,where all stages of the wine making process are presented. The indigenous varieties of Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are cultivated at the local vineyards, from which famous, internationally recognized wines are produced. After a guided tour at the Domaine Sigalas and an initiation to the secrets of wine, you will have the chance of a wine tasting accompanied by Santorini delicacies or of enjoying a special dinner with views of the vineyards and the magnificent sunset.

Tel: +30 22860 71644



Estate Argyros

Founded in 1903, it continues its thriving course, capitalizing on the experience of four generations and a great century-old wine-making tradition. The vineyards of this historic estate occupy an area of almost 75 acres in Episkopi Gonia, where the oldest roots of the Assyrtiko variety can be found. Argyro Vareli Estate, Asyrtiko and Vinsanto are among the most remarkable and award-winning wines, while Estate Argyros also produce handmade Zotter organic dark chocolate with Vinsanto filling and Rooibos Tea.

Tel: +30 22860 31489



Gaia Winery

Located between Kamari and Monolithos, Gaia Winery is housed in a stone-built industrial edifice of the past century that produced tomato paste and sun-dried tomatoes. Here, along the sea, high quality wines are produced, such as Thalassitis and Assyrtiko by Gaia-Wild Ferment. The company has also created a small artisanal vinegar factory in another building, producing sweet vinegar from Assyrtiko aged in oak barrels.

Tel: +30 22860 34186



Boutari Winery

Located on Megalochori, it is housed in a modern building with an impressive white dome and pebbled floors, pleasantly opening the guided tour to the interior. The winery has a screening room, where you can watch all the stages of wine production, as well as a wine bar to taste Boutari wines, combining them with Santorini delicacies. Boutari winery remains open to visitors during the winter.

Tel: +30 22860 81011



Canava Roussos

Founded in 1836, the winery of Roussos family in Episkopi-Mesa Gonia is the oldest canava (winery) of Santorini. Here you will have the opportunity to indulge in a unique wine experience and get to know all the traditional stages of wine production, such as pressing grapes, boiling the must in linoi (underground tanks) and filling the barrels. In some cases, visitors are also expected to participate in the abovementioned procedures!

Tel: +30 22860 31349



Hatzidakis Winery

You can find this small rock-hewn winery in Pyrgos, on the way to the monastery of Profitis Elias. In 1997, the “Wizard of Wine”, as Charidimos Hatzidakis has been called posthumously, made the best of his wife’s small vineyard by creating a canava for the production of fine wines. Today the winery utilizes an area of 25 acres of organic vineyards that give the famous white Assyrtiko de Louros, Assyrtiko de Mylos and the red dry Mavrotragano.

Tel: +30 22860 32466



Gavalas Winery

A family business with tradition in winemaking since the late 19th century. The history thread of three centuries unfolds through the stone walls of a tunnel in Megalochori, offering visitors a unique experience of getting to know the world of wine. The indigenous varieties of PDO Asyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, as well as the rare Katsanos and Voudomatos are cultivated in the private vineyard of 4.5 acres.

Tel: +30 22860 82552



Venetsanos Winery

The first industrial winery of Santorini was built in 1947 in a unique spot above Athinios Bay in Megalochori, giving the feeling that it hangs on the edge of the cliff and at the same time offering breathtaking views of the Caldera. Due to the inclination of the ground, the building has four stories, in each of which you will get acquainted with different winemaking processes. One of the most famous labels of the winery is Nykteri Venetsanou.

Tel: +30 22860 21100



Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Located in Exo Gonia, this is one of the most sophisticated and constantly evolving wineries of the island, with a history beginning in 1952. Eleven different wine varieties of exceptional quality grapes are produced here, with Terra Nera White standing out. You can taste or purchase the wine label(s) of your choice at the designated wine tasting venue of the winery.

Tel: +30 22860 33395



Koutsoyannopoulos Winery & Wine Museum

In the area of Vothonas, the one and only rock-hewn wine museum in Greece, eight meters underground, narrates the history of wine and all stages of its production through replicas and exhibitions of rare tools and winemaking equipment. Self-guided audio tours in 14 languages, and winetasting in the specially designed wine tasting venue are the perfect epilogue to your visit at the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum.

Tel: +30 22860 31322


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