The 1st Hiking Festival in Andros.

The 1st Hiking Festival in Andros.

The Andros on Foot Festival is the first hiking festival to be held in Andros this year and will last for a total of three weeks (October 6-28).

It is essentially an invitation to those who love hiking to explore the unique beauty of the island, walking some of the 170 km of extremely well-preserved paths. The festival is being organised by the non-profit organisation, Andros Research Center, who manage and coordinate activities for developing and maintaining the path network- the Andros Routes Project. The festival is a celebration for people of Andros, Greece, and abroad and promises unforgettable experiences to those who take part. The program includes one-of-a-kind events in collaboration with the island’s cultural associations . Besides lots of lovely hikes and guided tours, walkers will have the opportunity take part in the process of producing local cheeses, raki and other local products, relax to the sounds of local musicians, play local games, visit monasteries and other many other attractions along the hiking routes.


To those who choose to come, there are a wealth of facilities for your stay on Andros and special offers for both travel to Andros, accommodation and food.

The festival comes at a significant time for Andros. During the festival, the Andros Route will be re-certified by the European Ramblers Association. This event will mark the 3rd anniversary since Andros was the first island in Europe to receive this certification. At the same time, the 2nd Pan-Hellenic Conference of Hiking Paths, in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of the Environment, will take place from 12th – 14th October 2018. Preparations have begun to make the conference a meaningful meeting between stakeholders, services and people involved in the hiking sector throughout Greece.



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By Olga Karagiannis- edited by Giannis Mindrinos

English translation: Richard Gillespie & Marina Seitanidis