Andros, a magical destination

Andros, a magical destination

Charming like a real – life painting, Andros uses its lush vegetation, running waters, rivers, bridges, canyons, castles and mansions to transport us to a magicak world. Home to countless seamen, the Cycladic beauty is slice of paradise in the middle of the Aegean.


It is the first thing that you look at as soon as you arrive to Andros and the last one you take with you. It is the principle harbor of Andros and is found in the northwest, at the big, protected from the winds natural bay of Gavrio. From this safe anchorage, travelers move towards all directions. The commercial map of the area is quite rich including meze, restaurants, interesting bars, shopping stores and touristic agencies which are spread all over the vibrant seafront.


Today, Batsi is the cosmopolitan seaport, starring in the touristic life of Andros. Being a touristic center, Batsi has it all; hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, ouzeri, bars and cafes spreading along the beach as well as a modern marina for all yacht owners.

St. Peter’s Tower

The Tower of St. Peter dates back to 4th century BC. It has a cylindrical shape and is made of local slate, located in Gavrio valley. The tower is the well – preserved archaelogical monument in Andros, and is presumed to have been a Fryktoria, i.e. a tower supervising the ship routes.

Episkopeio Bridge

With a setting like a true fairyland, th romantic visitors gather to have their photos taken near it. The Episkopeio stone bridge was vastly popularized after the shooting of the film “Little England“, and has since been renamed into Bridge of Love, so as to immortalize the protagonists’ secret date spot.


Chora’s seaside settlement, filled with lively beach, country houses and bars. It houses a jetty for private boats and the Andros Marine Club, which organizes the International Offshore Sailing Event every year.