Athens – Epidaurus Festival 2019

Athens – Epidaurus Festival 2019

View the events of the rich, diverse and trailblazing Athens – Epidaurus Festival 2019.



21 & 22 June (21:00): Through his distinctive tableau vivants, the top-notch theater master Robert Wilson unravels the archetypal personage of Oedipus, the most known king of ancient drama. Two “witnesses”, a man and a woman, “report” everything they see, as if talking through the centuries. Lydia Koniordou impersonates the Narrator, while the star of the performance is the renowned German actress Angela Winkler, along with a great number of foreign and Greek acclaimed thespians.

28 & 29 June (20:30): The National Theater of Greece presents the heartrending trilogy of Oresteia by Aeschylus at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, directed by Io Voulgaraki, Lilly Meleme and Georgia Mavragani. Io Voulgaraki selected Argiris Xafis, Despina Kourti and Evi Saoulidou for the first play, Agamemnon. Lilly Meleme chose Filareti Komninou and Giorgos Chrisostomou for The Libation Bearers, and the trilogy ends with Georgia Mavragani and The Eumenides, with a team of budding actors.

5 & 6 July (21:00): The Suppliants tragedy by Euripides in a new translation by Giorgos Koropoulis is hosted in Epidaurus through the collaboration of the artistic director of the National Theater of Greece Stathis Livathinos with the Cyprus Theatre Organization. The groundbreaking and pioneering Stathis Livathinos presents the tragedy dedicated to war, dead people, existential angst, faith and resilience, with Kora Karvouni, Anna Gagiozi and Katia Dandoulaki by his side among others.

12 & 13 July (21:00): Oedipus Rex, the masterpiece of Sophocles and the most exemplary ancient tragedy, is hosted in Epidaurus, directed by Konstantinos Markoulakis and featuring Dimitris Lignadis. Amalia Moutousi portrays Jocasta, Nikos Hantzopoulos Creon, and Konstantinos Avarikiotis Tiresias.

19 & 20 July (21:00): The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus Iphigenia in Aulis by Euripides directed by Yannis Kalavrianos. Euripides at the end of his life, gave us a play of transitions, continuous dilemmas, irony and unexpected comical moments, creating a heroine who decides for her sacrifice under the weight of imperatives. Cast: Anthi Efstratiadou (Iphigenia), Giorgos Glastras (Agamemnon), Giorgis Kafkas (Attendant), Nikolas Marangopoulos (Menelaus), Christos Stylianou (Messenger), Maria Tsima (Clytemnestra), Thanassis Raftopoulos (Achilles).

26 & 27 July (21:00): The House of Moliere also known as Comédie-Française, founded back in 1680, will visit the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus for the first time. The Belgian director Ivo van Hove unravels the stories of Electra / Orestes by Euripides in his sui generis way.

2 & 3 August (21:00): The young and acknowledged director Dimitris Karantzas will present the exquisite The Clouds comedy by Aristophanes, with a significant team of thespians, such as: Nikos Karathanos, Christos Loulis, Kariofillia Karampeti, Giorgos Gallos, and Theodora Tzimou.

9 & 10 August (21:00): The Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras takes part in the Epidaurus Festival with Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. According to the artistic director of Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras and director of the play Stavros Tsakiris, who found the perfect Prometheus in Kathryn Hunter, the world famous actress of Greek descent, this is “probably the most enlightened text of all time.” Nikitas Tsakiroglou impersonates the Narrator and Dimitris Piatas plays the role of Hephaestus. Peggy Trikalioti portrays Io, Alexandros Bourdoumis Cratus and Gerasimos Gennatas Oceanus. Iliana Mavromati, Antigone Fryda and Konstantinos Nikouli share the role of Hermes. Scenic installation is by the internationally acclaimed Greek sculptor Kostas Varotsos and costume design by the leading costumier Yannis Metzikov.



22 June: Athens & Epidaurus Festival continues a successful collaboration with the Athens Open Air Film Festival, organizing a surprise screening at the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus.


28 & 29 June: The Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera visits the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus for the first time presenting three iconic plays of music theater by Greek pioneering composers, inspired by ancient myths. The plays are: Kassandra by Iannis Xenakis, Anaparastasis Ι – The Baritone by Jani Christou and The Day Will Come… by Giorgos Koumendakis. The works are directed by Ektoras Lygizos. In all three plays of antiquity is the springboard of diving simultaneously into the archetypal as well as into an unconditional opening to the future.


5 & 6 July: Chaos, Eros, Erebus and Nyx, Gaia and Uranus, Cronus, Titans and Prometheus are the protagonists. Erotic union, births, matrimonies, conflicts, masters and subordinates, a whole spectacular universe, where the body and its powers play predominant role, will be revived in the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus through the Theogony epic poem by Hesiod and the directorial style of Sofia Paschou.

12 & 13 July: The Griffón Dance Company and Ioanna Portolou explore the limits of human need for harmony through her new play Kaos, which will be hosted in the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus. The play expresses the exhausting attempts of mankind to set boundaries and create harmony while fighting against chaos. Biblical scenes appear on stage, with Adam and Eve wandering in the land of a contemporary Babel. Different music genres, varying from electroacoustic sounds to traditional songs, blend in ingeniously. Music: Antonis Palaskas. Performers: Ioanna Apostolou, Cecil Mikroutsikou, Yannis Nikolaidis, Ilias Hatzigeogiou.

19 & 20 July (21:00): The pastoral prose romance Daphnis and Chloe, the only known and remaining work of the writer Longus, for the life of whom we barely know anything, is brought at the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus by the famous theatrical storyteller Dimitris Bogdanos, featuring Yannis Fertis and Elli Paspala and music by David Lynch.


26 & 27 July (21:00): Efi Theodorou comes to the ideal place for her vision, the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus, to narrate the lawless passion of Queen Phaedra for her stepson Hippolytus. The Phèdre by Racine is portrayed by the phenomenal Maria Skoula, while the poet and translator Stratis Paschalis offers a new translation of the play. The cast also includes the talented Yannos Perlegas, Yannis Papadopoulos etc.


2 & 3 August (21:30): Dimitris Arvanitakis, a scholar and translator of the works of the poet Andreas Kalvos introduced Le Danaidi (The Danaids) to the director Natassa Triantafilli. The myth of the King of Libya, Danaos, and his daughters, who murdered their bridegrooms at the behest of their father, except for one, Hypermnestra, is slowly brought to light in the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus. Kalvos exalted the right of independence, and the director, drawing the Italian language, romanticism and neoclassicism from the roots of the play, creates an extraordinary atmosphere along with the actors Lazaros Georgakopoulos, Lena Papaligoura and Aris Balis. Live singing by Artemis Bogri.






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